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"Our son was facing life in prison on an attempted murder charge with gang enhancements. The public defender told us the best deal we could get was 25 years and called my son an idiot for turning it down. We hired Mr. Gallagher's office and our son will be paroled before his 30th birthday."
- Linda B., mother of client Jesse B.
"I got a pulled over on my way back to San Diego one night. I hired Mr. Gallagher's office so I could avoid making the trip back to Orange County to deal with the case. I knew he would save me time and money but to my surprise the next call I received was to tell me the case had been dismissed entirely. It was like it never happened. No points, no fines, no school. Needless to say, next time I need a lawyer my first call will be to the Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher."
- Client Chris E.
"Mr. Gallagher helped get our family through a difficult time. When I first heard that my son was arrested for a felony, we had no idea what to expect. Mark answered our questions and guided us through the process step by step. Any time we had an issue he was available and ready to help. I am proud to say that today, my son's case is dismissed entirely and the whole proceeding is over. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher to anyone facing a criminal charge."
- Dr. Solar B., father of client Shane B.
"I will never forget what you told me that first day in court. You told me it would be a circus in there and you could not have been more right. The system is a mess, but I always felt like everything would be OK having you on my side."
- Client Carter H